Portfolio Management

TTP Investments, Inc. is a fee-based investment advisory firm whose investment personnel have over 19 years of investment management experience.  The firm’s management philosophy is driven by client investment objectives.  Investment principles embody sound diversification, discipline, and after-tax performance.  Through client interviews and ongoing communications, TTP Investments establishes and manages investment plans commensurate with each client’s risk profile. To assist clients with self-directed investments, TTP Investments offers reviews of client investment objectives and recommendations regarding investment selection and or broker-dealer custodians.

One of the firm’s most important functions as an investment advisor is to educate clients to make well-conceived, sound financial decisions. Each client’s financial objectives differ in terms of their individual circumstances, goals, attitudes, and needs. However unique, a broad array of financial and investment objectives can be attained through financial risk mitigation or planning critical to all clients.  If a client’s requirements do not “close” (for example, a limited income retired client pursuing aggressive investment goals), TTP Investments will recommend goal reassessment to protect the client’s interests.  To that end, TTP Investments’ managed assets are divided into four main risk profiles.

To accommodate clients with income needs (Conservative risk tolerance) and minimize risk to principal, client investments would include tax free bonds that target returns between 4% and 5%, net of management fees and generally seek to reinvest all paid dividends.  The bonds are generally issued by the state of California and other local municipalities that hold superior investment grade credit ratings and are very liquid.  This portfolio can be a great solution for an investor looking to earn more than the rates of return provided at banks or for funds that are earmarked for tax payments.

The Balanced Portfolio is a hybrid of both the growth and conservative portfolios.  It combines equity holdings in the growth portfolio with value oriented – dividend paying domestic equities and tax free and corporate bonds.  We believe this portfolio is well suited for clients who are generally more risk averse, retirees requiring monthly or annual income distributions, and those nearing retirement.

Client portfolios focused on long-term growth (Growth risk tolerance) are primarily sector momentum based.  Of the 9 primary market sectors, our growth portfolio will generally hold 4 to 5 of these 9 sectors as determined by each sector’s momentum.  The portfolio undergoes meaningful rotations roughly every 60 days.  In addition to sector holdings, this portfolio also owns secular trends where our research finds above average growth in the 3 to 5 year time horizon.  We feel this portfolio is ideal for someone who is fairly risk tolerant, has several years prior to retirement, or has other balanced investments to offset the added risk of this portfolio.

The firm’s Aggressive portfolio holds the growth portfolio and implements options strategies of underlying secular trend companies.  Strategies may include call and put spreads, naked puts and calls, and covered calls.  All participants in this strategy must be accredited investors and highly risk tolerant.  Additionally, this portfolio generally should represent a small portion of a participant’s overall assets.

TTP Investments custodies assets primarily with Fidelity Investments Institutional Wealth Services to harness access to capital markets, and the operational excellence of one of the industry’s most prominent brokerage platforms. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects securities in accounts held by Fidelity Investments. SIPC insurance does not protect against loss from declines in market value.

Clients may track investment activity on-line or with easy-to-read, informative client statements provided by Fidelity. Statements, both online and in paper, show snapshots, summaries and detailed histories. Trade confirmations and security tax reports are available in electronic or hard copy format.

Account performance is integrated with tax mitigation and provisioning services for clients electing to couple their tax and portfolio management needs.

To engage TTP Investments’ portfolio management services, both clients and the firm must have a signed management agreement on file, and each client must be provided with TTP Investments’ Form ADV Disclosure Brochure.