Portfolio Management

TTP Investments, Inc. is a fee-based investment advisory firm with 18 years of investment management experience.  The firm’s management philosophy is driven by client investment objectives.  Investment principles embody sound diversification, discipline, and after-tax performance.  Through client interview and ongoing communications, TTP Investments establishes and manages investment plans commensurate with each client’s risk profile. To assist clients with self-directed investments, TTP Investments offers reviews of client investment objectives and recommendations regarding investment selection and or broker-dealer custodians.

One of the firm’s most important functions as an investment advisor is to educate clients to make well-conceived sound financial decisions. Each client’s financial objectives differ in terms of their individual circumstances, goals, attitudes, and needs. However unique, a broad array of financial and investment objectives can be attained through financial risk mitigation or planning critical to all clients.  If a client’s requirements do not “close” (for example, a limited income retired client pursuing aggressive investment goals), TTP Investments will recommend goal reassessment to protect the client’s interests.  To that end, TTP Investments’ managed assets are divided into two main risk profiles.

To accommodate clients with income needs (balanced risk tolerance) and minimize risk to principal, client investments would include Certificates of Deposit holdings, government and investment grade corporate fixed-income securities (bonds), and preferred and common stocks. In limited instances, mutual fund high-yield fixed income securities are acquired to supplement portfolio income. This risk profile may include stock market exposure to mitigate inflation-driven purchasing power loss. Stock market holdings are normally limited to defensive dividend paying securities dependent upon the investment climate.

Client portfolios focused on long-term growth (Growth risk tolerance) generally consist of large cap value and growth-oriented stock and bond holdings along with equity and equity-income mutual funds. Fixed income mutual funds are employed for income, diversification, and to mitigate market volatility when appropriate.

TTP Investments custodies assets primarily with Fidelity Investments Institutional Wealth Services to harness access to capital markets, and the operational excellence of one of the industry’s strongest brokerage platforms. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects securities in accounts held by Fidelity Investments. SIPC insurance does not protect against loss from declines in market value.

Clients may track investment activity on-line or with an easy-to-read, informative client statement provided by Fidelity. It shows snapshots, summaries and detailed histories. Trade confirmations and security tax reports are available in electronic or hard copy format.

Account performance is integrated with tax mitigation and provisioning services for clients electing to couple their tax and portfolio management needs.

To engage TTP Investments portfolio management services, both clients and the firm must have a signed management agreement on file along with the client’s review of all ADV disclosures.