Portfolio Management

TTP Investments, Inc. is a fee-based financial planning and wealth management firm, designed to help our clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life’s transitions.  With nearly 20 years of individual experience, we know it is important to learn about our clients’ goals, attitudes, and needs.  We partner with our clients to identify and address issues in the areas of estate, retirement, tax, charitable giving, insurance and investment planning.  Through client interviews and ongoing communications, we establish and manage investment plans commensurate with each client’s risk profile. To assist with self-directed investments, we offer reviews of client objectives and make recommendations regarding investment selection and broker-dealer custodians.

Recognizing that people’s financial objectives differ, we strive to educate our clients about how to make sound, well-conceived financial decisions.  We believe that a broad array of investment objectives can be met by planning for and mitigating financial risk.  We realize that our clients’ financial needs change throughout life and that one investment method does not fit everyone’s situation.  To that end, our managed assets are divided into four risk profiles.

  • Conservative Risk Tolerance: Designed for our clients who need liquidity but want to earn more than the rates of return provided at banks.  These investors generally need some income from their investment and want to minimize the risk to their principal. This portfolio consists largely of tax-free bonds that target returns between 4% and 5%, net of management fees, and seeks to reinvest all paid interest.  The bonds are issued predominantly by the State of California and other local municipalities that have high investment grade credit ratings and can be converted to cash easily.


  • Growth Risk Tolerance: Intended for our clients who are fairly risk tolerant, have several years before retirement or have other balanced investments to offset the added risk of this portfolio.  We analyze the momentum of the nine primary market sectors and then choose four or five to buy.  Every sixty days, based on each sector’s momentum, this portfolio undergoes a meaningful rotation.  Based on our research, we also hold assets for which secular trends signal above average growth in the next three to five years.


  • Balanced Risk Tolerance: Geared toward our clients who are risk-adverse, retirees requiring monthly or annual income distributions, and those approaching retirement.  This portfolio is a hybrid of our Conservative and Growth portfolios.  It is a combination of equity holdings in the growth portfolio with value-oriented, dividend-paying domestic equities and tax-free or corporate bonds.


  • Aggressive Risk Tolerance: Developed for our clients who are accredited investors and high-risk tolerant.  This portfolio should represent only a small portion of a client’s overall assets.  We hold our Growth portfolio’s investments here and expand on it by implementing options trading of underlying secular trend companies.  Our options strategies include different combinations of call and put spreads, naked puts and calls, and covered calls.


  • As a fee-only firm, our clients can rest assured that we are truly acting as their fiduciary and in their best interest. We don’t sell any proprietary products; thus, we are free of the conflicts of interest that can arise from those arrangements.  We custody our assets primarily with Fidelity Investments Institutional Wealth Services to harness access to capital markets and the operational excellence of one of the industry’s most prominent brokerage platforms.  The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects securities in accounts held by Fidelity Investments; however, SIPC insurance does not protect against loss from declines in market value.

Clients may track their investment activity online or with easy-to-read, informative client statements provided by Fidelity. Statements show snapshots, summaries, and detailed histories. Trade confirmations and security tax reports are available in electronic or hardcopy format.

Account performance is integrated with tax mitigation and provisioning services for clients electing to couple their tax and portfolio management needs.

To engage TTP Investments’ portfolio management services, each of our clients must sign a management agreement that we keep on file.  We provide every client with TTP Investments’ Form ADV Disclosure Brochure.