Financial Planning

One of TTP Investments most important functions as a financial planner is to educate our clients to make well-conceived sound financial decisions.  Each client’s financial objectives differ in terms of their individual circumstances, goals, attitudes, and needs. However unique, a broad array of objectives can be attained through financial risk mitigation or planning critical to all clients. Through advice, analysis, and implementation, clients are enabled to meet financial needs including:

  • Financial planning for retirement income
  • Capital accumulation
    • Emergency funds
    • Home purchase
    • General investment portfolio
  • Investment and property management
  • Tax avoidance
    • During lifetime
    • At Death
  • Protection against personal risks
  • Premature death
  • Disability income losses
  • Medical care expenses
  • Property and liability losses
  • Unemployment

Most clients find themselves in need of financial planning to some degree. More sophisticated techniques tend to be used by those with higher incomes and larger property or business interests. Interestingly, economic growth, tax structure, and changes that have taken place in society have increased the need for, and complexity of financial planning. There now exists a large number of middle income individuals in need of investment, tax, insurance, and estate planning services.

For single or dual income families with minor children it is important to make (contingency) plans in the event of one or both spouse’s death or disability. Failing to plan may lead to forced liquidation of the family home, business, and retirement plan and unexpected estate and income taxes. Through planning, conflict can be avoided in the areas of custodial responsibilities and asset management on behalf of surviving minor children. TTP Investments recommends engaging competent tax, legal and financial planning services to resolve your specific objectives.

Clients often wish to direct and implement their own investment decisions.  To assist clients with self-directed investments, the firm offers reviews of client investment objectives and recommendations regarding investment selection and/or broker-dealer custodians on an as needed basis.  Services provided may include:

  • Assistance with Employer Retirement Plan Investments (403b, 401k retirement plan)
  • Opinions on appropriate asset allocations
  • Opinions on:
    • Stock market direction/tone
    • Domestic equity security valuations
    • Certificates of deposit
    • Municipal securities
    • Mutual fund securities
    • United States Government securities

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